Cane Sugar Sodas

Boylan Bottling’s hand crafted, cane sugar sweetened sodas harken back to a time when sodas were all about flavor, instead of syrupy sweetness, excessive carbonation and convenience.

We put a lot of TLC into our recipes and formulations, sourcing only the best flavors available and using only pure cane sugar (instead of high fructose corn syrup) to enhance those flavors. Then we package our sodas up in our thick glass bottles with just enough carbonation to enhance the flavor rather than cover it up. The end result is a soda whose flavor will make you say “Wow!” when you taste it. First of all, because you CAN taste the flavor, even as the first sip passes your lips…but then you “Wow” at how incredibly good the flavor is. As in the “where have you been all my life” kind of good.

Our cane-sugar-sweetened sodas come in a wide variety of vintage flavors to tempt any palate. Enjoy!