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Hello Bistro

Who is Bistro, and why are we saying “hello?” Actually Hello Bistro, in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA, is a brand new concept from the Eat’N Park family of restaurants. And make no mistake, if you’re from the ‘Burgh, this is not your father’s Eat’N Park. Hello Bistro is the contemporary younger little brother though, and some of what made the Eat’N Park chain a Western, PA institution since 1949 remains.

Hello Bistro Boylan BottlingHello Bistro, first of all, has a much more contemporary decor — modern in a collegiate sort of way, bright and airy, with chalkboard walls, garage-door-style windows. It is warm, friendly and intimate (with a smaller footprint than Eat’N Park, they should be able to go into more urban areas — hooray!!!)

As for the menu, we’re not quite sure yet if we’d classify these guys as a Burger joint or a Salad specialist…but they do both well. What else can we say about their salad bar but 55 toppings? And their burgers? Well they score points immediately for how they’re described on the menu. Take their trademarked Big Honkin’ Superburger®* “(Big Beef x 2) + American Cheese + Pickles + Lettuce x Sauce Supreme ÷ A Healthy Appetite + No One Will Judge You = Beware of Wide Turns!” Gotta love a restaurant that takes their burgers seriously, but not themselves.

The highlight, for us, of course — Boylan is the official soda of Hello Bistro! Yep, that’s right. Pretty sure it’s the only Boylan Soda fountain in the ‘Burgh right now. But don’t worry, that will all change as Hello Bistro has BIG expansion plans. Based on the reviews we’re seeing, I think we should expect to see a couple more of these real soon.

Hello Bistro – 3605 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213