Better Burgers

Indie Burger

Indie Burger Boylan BottlingIndie Burger, which opened in March 2012 as Chicago’s only all organic hamburger joint, truly makes us feel great about burgers! They are committed to providing burger and fry-loving Chicagoans with a family friendly restaurant that serves great tasting high quality and healthy organic food at an affordable price. Serving 100% organic, grass fed beef, raised locally and humanely, this Chicago eatery is also proud to pour our cane-sugar sweetened Boylan sodas. We can’t help but love that the Indie Burger space is eco-friendly as well, utilizing reclaimed wood throughout (we’re digging the old pews!) and chairs made from recycled soda bottles. On top of that, they compost and recyle to create a virtually waste-free restaurant!

Indie Burger, 1034 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657

Bobby’s Burger Palace

Bobby's Burger Palace Boylan BottlingBobby’s Burger Palace offers a menu of Angus-fed signature burgers inspired by Bobby Flay”s travels throughout America. This fast-casual chain has reinvented the burger joint, with their menu and their classic, retro-cool decor. We can’t choose a favorite among the burgers — but we”re pretty sure they all taste even better with a cold bottle of Boylan along side. No matter what burger you chose, be sure to get yours “crunchified” (topped with potato chips). Don’t let that stop you from ordering a side of their hand cut fries or onion rings, however. With 10 locations (one conveniently close enough to the Boylan offices to keep us happy!) and another opening soon, BBP is clearly at the forefront of the “better burger” movement…and we’re thrilled to be the “better soda” choice on their menu!

10 locations with more coming soon.

Flat Patties

Flat Patties Boylan BottlingAptly named Flat Patties in Cambridge, MA, has made a name for itself with outstanding, made-to-order, thin-griddled burgers (West coast style for those who know burgers) and sandwiches. very burger is ground fresh daily, and every French fry is hand cut. The patties are griddled crisp and served with gooey American cheese on a soft, buttered and toasted bun. A pickle bar features crisp cucumbers, hot jalapeños, and onions which add the perfect bite to balance the richness of the beef. Don’t miss the chili-cheese fries, onion rings, or fresh salads either! We were shocked to find that this homemade deliciousness was all so reasonably priced.  With burgers like the “South of the Border” loaded with jalapeno relish, avocado, cilantro aioli, and jack cheese for only $5.50, this place is the spot for a budget diner. And it’s no wonder Best of Boston voted it Most Affordable Burger in 2010.  Flat Patties also offers homemade desserts – like fried fruit pie, banana bread pudding, and homemade custard.  And plenty of handcrafted Boylan soda to wet your whistle.

33 Brattle St. Cambridge,  MA 02138

Only Burger

Only Burger Boylan BottlingGotta love a restaurant that is only about one thing and doing it right…sort of how Boylan only does soda, and does it right. When it comes to Only Burger in Durham, NC, we’re not the only ones who feel that way. This award-winning (#1 Burger in the Triangle, 2010)little joint and food truck is all about Burgers…making them to order, using only Montana-raised certified Piedmontese, antibiotic, steroid and hormone free beef, ground by their local butcher each and every day. It’s just about simple food, extraordinarily prepared, which is something we can certainly appreciate. Care to see what all that healthy, taste beef looks like? Check out the Sloppy Tommy on the right! Complete with chili, cheese and frito toppings! If that is more than your arteries can take, Only Burger also offers Turkey and Veggie burgers. And if the sides make the meal, you won’t ever go wrong with their hand cut fries, onion rings and pickle chips.When only the best will do, in a burger of course, check out Only Burger.

3710 Shannon Rd., Durham, NC.

Pincho Factory

Pincho Factory Boylan BottlingThough technically it’s as much a “pincho” and hot dog joint, we decided to showcase the Pincho Factory in Miami among our “better burger” establishments…because their burgers are off the hook (and we don”t yet have a Pincho Purveyor section!) Pincho Factory gets extra props for not only stocking Boylan sodas in their cooler but also cooking with them. Take note of their Summer Picnic burger pictured, with grilled watermelon and a Boylan Grape soda reduction! Doesn”t hurt that they’ve also been voted “Best Fries” in South Florida! Oh, and for the record, a “pincho” is in layman”s terms, a kabob of sorts.

9860 SW 40th Street, Miami, Florida 33165.

Tom and Eddie’s

Tom and Eddies Boylan BottlingTom and Eddie’s tagline is “Good taste in everything we do,” which you’ll see and taste in their gourmet burger fare and their Boylan fountain soda as well. In fact, they were so stoked about serving Boylan, T&E blogged about it here. Tom and Eddie learned a lot about the burger biz during their years at McDonalds, but you won”t find anything remiscent of the golden arches in these upscale burger bistros. Try their Ampersand on for size: a hand-formed fresh 100% Natural Angus burger, Neuske’s applewood smoked bacon, Wisconsin smoked gouda cheese, smokey BBQ sauce and Tom & Eddie’s handmade haystack onions, topped with a fried egg on a gourmet roll. WOW! Trying to live a little healthier? Do not despair, T and E offers an array of lean or green burgers that are every bit as interesting. Edamame burger, anyone? Could you really envision any soda other than Boylan at this upscale but friendly gourmet burger haven? Oh, and what about dessert? You can build your own float! They give you the ice cream, you do the rest. Let me at that Boylan fountain!!

4 locations in the Chicago area with a fifth coming soon.

Yeah! Burger

Yeah Burger Boylan BottlingYeah! Burger is Atlanta’s organic, gluten-free and eco-friendly burger joint, named by Bon Appetit as one of their “10 Favorite Burger Spots” in America. Try one of their signature burgers or build your own starting with an all-natural Bison, Turkey or Veggie burgers (or chicken breast) on an organic white or whole wheat bun (or gluten free for and extra $1.25). The top it with your choice of all-natural cheese, unlimited free toppings, and premium toppings such as nitrate-free bacon, sunflower sprouts or Napa coleslaw. Sauce it up with one of their free sauces, such as their signature Yeah! Sauce, or go for one of a dozen or so premium sauces, such as sriracha mayo, roasted garlic aoli, or black peppercorn steak sauce.  As another treat, the dessert menu features local artisanal High Road Craft all-natural ice cream. With a menu this dedicated to quality and avoiding nasty additives (such as hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, etc.) it’s no wonder Yeah! Burger has chosen to steer clear of HFCS and offer a large variety of Boylan pure cane sugar sodas on their menu.

Virginia Highland location at 1017 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta, GA 30306 and a West Midtown location at 1168 Howell Mill Road, Ste. E, Atlanta, GA 30318