Andiamo  in Miami is nationally acclaimed as one of the top pizza places in South Florida, and their Zagat rating of 25 for food tells you why.  Loyal to the traditional pizza parlors of the Northeastern US, Andiamo serves up an authentic pie with dough made fresh daily, and the finest toppings that are brought in and prepared on site.  This is a true Italian-American restaurant, and their pizza will transport you back to New York City where every corner has “The Best” pie in town.  More recently, Andiamo’s has also formed a partnership with Mark Soyka and brought in his famous Philly Cheesestakes from Frankie’s Big City Grill.  Andiamo’s authenticity is enhanced by their beverage selection and they’re proud to claim that they were one of the first places in South Florida to carry Boylan sodas “out of New York.”  They’ve got a wide selection of 9 different Boylan flavors in the bottle, so you’re sure to find one perfect for your favorite pie, panini, salad or cheesesteak.  The Andiamo experience is made complete by its one-of-a-kind fully enclosed glass building, which is an Historical Landmark.  The outside is just as inviting with picnic tables, projection screens to watch your favorite events, and climate controlled misting fans.  

5600 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33137

Emma’s Pizza

Emmas PizzaEmma’s is a little hole-in-the wall restaurant (this one in Cambridge, MA) you could easily miss if you didn’t know to look for it. And boy what you would be missing! Boston’s most creative gourmet pizza parlor, handcrafting thin crust pizza since the ’60s, tickles your taste buds with only the freshest “foodie” ingredients. So if you’re looking for plain old red sauce and cheese pizza, keep on walking or prepare to open your mind to what pizza could be. Their build-your-own-pizza starts with a very,very thin crust, and from there you can pick your sauce (we love the spicier rosemary sauce), toppings like capers, thyme roasted mushrooms, dried cranberries, roasted sweet potato, and a wide array of cheeses from goat to gorgonzola.

Their pizza menu is perfectly complemented by a selection of inventive appetizers, craft beers and specialty sodas (yours truly, of course). Not much bigger than the average home’s living room, Emma’s has a cozy but hip ambiance that suits the menu and clientele. Prepare yourself for a wait because Emma’s is not only small but insanely popular. It is hard to believe that a place this small could be one of the top selling Boylan accounts in all of New England. But it’s no less true, and testament to how well our delicious handcrafted sodas pair with inventive, flavorful food.

40 Hampshire St. Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA 02139

Skinny Pizza

Skinny Pizza is changing the way Long Islanders are thinking about pizza…understanding that it can be healthier, eco-friendly and still taste great. Their tagline and ultimate goal is “Pure Goodness” and they’re happy to tell you how it is they’ve perfected it. First they created a very thin and crispy pizza that has a great taste and complements any topping. They have also kept their health and environmentally conscious customers in mind. Their crusts are made with no preservatives or additives (and you’ve got a choice of regular, whole wheat or gluten free), while their sauce is 100% organic, and their cheeses are all natural and toppings antibiotic and hormone-free. Their pastas and sauces are also all-natural, and their salads and dressings 100% organic. Stands to reason that Skinny Pizza would opt for Boylan’s pure cane sugar sodas in their fountain. No HFCS here, friends. Perfectly blending great taste and good health, Skinny Pizza currently has two locations and we’re hoping to see this one take off and expand off the Island…maybe a little closer to the Boylan offices!

211 Mineola Ave., Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 and 630 Old Country Road, Garden City, NY 11530