Our Boylan Mixer line was developed with the discriminating cocktail enthusiast in mind.

If you like your cocktails made with the “well” brands of spirits, then our Mixers may not be for you.  But if you celebrate the art of the cocktail, are specific about the brand of spirit in your drink, and like to think of your favorite bartenders as “mixologists” or “drink chefs” then we definitely have something to talk about.

Our Mixers made with the finest natural ingredients. They are sweetened with cane sugar, which makes for a much cleaner taste with none of that syrupy sweetness of the high-fructose sweetened products that can ruin a good cocktail.  Next time you order a Gin & Tonic or Scotch & Soda, don’t settle for just any brand of tonic or soda…make it a Boylan Tonic or Boylan Soda.  Ask for it in your favorite restaurants and bars.