Our Sodas

Boylan Bottling Co. offers a full line of hand-crafted small batch sodas and mixers to please any palate.

From our Regular Sodas sweetened with pure cane sugar to our Diet line, one thing is always true of a Boylan soda — taste always comes first.  The same is true of our Seltzer and Mixer lines…whether it’s the taste of the beverage or what it’s paired with, be want every Boylan occasion to be a celebration of flavor.

boylan soda flavors

All Boylan sodas are packaged in glass bottles because we know that everything just tastes better in glass. That has always been the case and always will be. One thing that also remains true to this day — we won’t be changing for the sake of change, and our glass bottles are evidence of that commitment to what is good and right, not what is trendy or convenient.