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Boylan Cane Cola
Cane Cola with pizzaBoylan Cane Cola

Cane Cola

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Boylan Cane Cola is “old school” cola. Sounds simplistic but it’s not. Like many colas ours is quite complex. Our Cane Cola is a festival of flavor, with oils of orange, lemon and lime, giving way to hints of nutmeg, coriander and lavender. And the cane sugar lends just the right sweetness without getting in the way.

ALL NATURAL PRODUCT – no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Tastes Great With

Pizza! And because Boylan Cane Cola is not just any cola, it was meant for more than just any old “pizza chain” pizza. Savor it with a classic brick oven pie, or with a slice or two of delicious gourmet pizza — you know, the kind that makes you rethink all that a pizza can be, the way our cola makes you think about all things a cola can be. Mangia!

Product Description

5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for Cane Cola

    5 out of 5


    Since there seem to be no reviews of this i figured i leave a 5 star for being the most awesome soft drink i ever came across in any way!!
    Always loved Coke in glassbottles, i hate plastic bottles =) and after finding out about this its the only thing i want to buy its TOTALLY WORTH its price!

    please dont EVER change it or stop makin it!!!

    Greetings from Sweden!

    5 out of 5


    Here is another one from Sweden.
    There is a company that’s called Grays American import that’s importing your cola.
    I’ll always try to keep track with new shops that cooperates with them.
    That’s the only way to get this fantastic cola!
    I’m introducing it to a lot of people I meet, and all of them love it.

    Regards, Andreas

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