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Boylan Diet Cane Cola
Boylan Diet Cane Sodas

Diet Cane Cola

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Boylan diet cane cola is a true standout among diet colas, partly because our special blend of sweeteners is formulated to eliminate aftertaste, but also because those sweeteners allow the complex cola flavor to shine through rather than mask it. Who’d have thought you could enjoy that turn-of-the-century true cola taste as it was meant to be…in a diet no less!

tastes great with

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Product Description

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4.67 out of 5

3 reviews for Diet Cane Cola

    5 out of 5


    An amazing diet cola, with no actual bitter after taste that you’ll typically get from a mass produced soda. For me the flavor palette is of course cola, a hint of vanilla, cardamon, birch, nutmeg, a slight coco note and perhaps a bit of anise and an overal well balanced flavor of sweetness.

    There’s just one issue that I’m having… It’s hard to come across, theres always regular but the non diet seems sparse. That being said the regular is just as fantastic.

    5 out of 5


    Could not believe it was diet soda. It is sooo good. Only thing is I bought it 3 hours from where I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Will have it on my list next trip to Halifax for sure. I love the flavour!!!

    4 out of 5


    found this at the fountain at mod market in Denver. pleasantly surprised, I was – I like diet pepsi and this was a nice change

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