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Boylan Grape


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Boylan Grape boasts a deep purple color and a strong fruity scent. That and its oaky Concord grape flavor – bold, full-bodied and neither too sweet nor too dry – almost make it sound like a fine wine. And yet when we drink it, we can’t help but be transported back to our childhood, faces smeared with chocolate, bottle clutched in hand, and a dribble of grape soda running down our chins. It’s the best tasting time travel for your money!

tastes great with

With the nostalgic appeal of our Grape Soda, and how it transports us back to a simpler time and place, we can’t help but love it with a great hot dog. The snap of the crunchy skin and the tang of the condiments, all washed down with that smooth, not-too-sweet concord grape bubbling goodness…makes we feel like we’re at the State Fair circa 1950!

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boylan grape

5.00 out of 5

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    5 out of 5


    Boylan’s grape soda is the best grape soda i have ever had.

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