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Looking for a Boylan retailer near you? Enter a postal zip code, street address or city to start your search. Boylan Soda not available in your area? Contact Us.

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If you search for Boylan retailers and get “No Results,” or if you are a retailer interested in carrying our Boylan sodas, you can search for the Boylan Distributor in your area. Just give the distributor a call, and they will be more than happy to help you with information.

Online Boylan Retailers

While we are always expanding our distribution, there are still areas of the U.S. where Boylan is not yet available. So when all else fails, Boylan products may be ordered through one of the following online retailers:

Fountain Soda

Ever wonder where you can find Boylan handcrafted sodas on tap? Check out the list below — which is just a smattering of the restaurants where you’ll find Boylan soda fountains. Made with pure cane sugar, just like bottled Boylan…but if you’re really lucky, maybe some of these places offer free refills!! We said MAYBE. Ask first, please.

And if you know of a restaurant near you that has a Boylan Soda Fountain, let us know and we’ll add it to the list!