Ginger Beer

$31.50 (12 bottles)

Elevate your cocktails and impress your guests with this Boylan Bottling Co. 10 oz. Heritage ginger beer mixer. Made from all natural seltzer and a touch of cane sugar for subtle sweetness, this drink harmonizes the piquant, freshly juiced flavor of ginger with refreshing notes of key lime for a bold yet balanced taste that promises to redefine your traditional mixed drinks. Pair with your favorite vodka, rum, or whiskey to bring new depth to the classics, like the ever-popular Moscow mule or dark and stormy. The ginger’s inherent spice brings an invigorating tingle to the lips that promotes slow sipping, allowing patrons to appreciate your artfully-crafted drinks to the fullest.

Boylan’s Heritage ginger beer mixer is made with fresh, natural ginger and features less carbonation and syrupy-sweetness than ginger ale to allow the natural flavors of your cocktail to shine through.

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